I’m Sher Baz Singh Sandhu- A Dairy Farmer. I’m basically from Fazilka. I was fond of cattle from my childhood, because of my mother Harpal Kaur Sandhu. My mother used to love rearing cattle. In 2002 my mother passed away, and as I was so much influenced by her, so, I decided of pursuing my mother’s passion.

I sold away the old cattle and decided of entering the dairy farming business with the new buffalo breed- Murrah. I bought a buffalo from Haryana in Rs. 52,000. At that time, that Buffalo used to give 15-16 kg of milk per day.

In 2003, I bought again a new buffalo of the same breed in Rs. 80,000 and this buffalo was giving 25 kg milk at that time.

Then in 2004, I bought a male calf of buffalo in Rs. 75,000, by doing a complete family background check (her mother used to give 20 kg milk and also won an award for it).

And this is how I improved the breed of my farm buffaloes and increased the number of quality buffaloes.

Once, Lakshmi my buffalo won best breed championship in the Muktsar Mela and just after that, I named my farm – “LAKSHMI DAIRY FARM”.

Not only Lakshmi but many other buffaloes and bull are there like- Dhanno, Rani, Sikander…, who made me proud and broke records again and again by winning prizes in Kissan Melas for milk production and breed championship.

Today, I have around 50 Buffaloes in my farm and I prepare their feed myself. I’ve 40 acres land in which I grow wheat, paddy, maize and fodder for my cows.

My son- Barinder Singh Sandhu is an advocate and he also supports me in my business. He is the main person behind social marketing of my dairy farm and because of him today many people visit our farm to buy Buffaloes. Other than buffaloes we also sell good quality semen of bull.

The other supporting member behind my business, is my wife- Kulwinder Kaur Sandhu. She is always there for me, whenever I need her. She always take care of the dairy work whenever I’m not there.

Other than, these two family member, there is one person in my family- My younger son- Harnoor Singh. Currently he pursuing his higher education and may be in future e will be also a part of my dairy farming venture.


Farmer Messages

Award & Achievement

Lakshmi Dairy Farm holds national record for buffalo milk.

Awarded by “State Award for excellent services in Dairy Farming” by Former CM S. Parkash Singh Badal.

Buffalo came first in 8th National Livestock Championship.

Awarded by Sardar Gulzar Singh in Maghi Mela.


Buffalo won 1st award in milk production competition in Muktsar.


PDFA Mela in 2008, buffalo got 1st award


Buffalo (Dhanno) gave 25 kg milk and broke all records.


In January, Murrah buffalo won all the prizes in Muktsar Mela.

Bull (Sikander) of Lakshmi Dairy Farm won 2nd prize in the Muktsar Mela.

Lakshmi Buffalo won best breed championship.

Rani Buffalo gave 26 kg and 357 gram of milk and created a new record and won first prize.

Dhanno Buffalo gave 26 kg milk and came second in the same competition.